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Travel Alerts

December 6 2019

Measles outbreak in Samoa 

The government of Samoa has declared a state of emergency following 62 deaths linked to measles. There are restrictions on public gatherings, and schools have been closed. There have been 54 deaths including children who aged four or younger, and more than 4,000 cases have been reported since the outbreak began in October 2019. If you are traveling to Samoa soon, it is essential you make sure your vaccinations are up to date. This is particularly concerning in the island nation of Samoa, where approximately a third of its population of 200,000 is not vaccinated. Measles symptoms include a fever, red rash, tiredness, runny nose and dry cough.


December 5 2019

Protests in France 

Hundreds of flights have been canceled and other transport will be disrupted in France during a three-day strike, which started on 5 December, 2019. The strikes will affect air travel, trains, the Paris Metro and ferry services. Staff have walked out in protest at the Eiffel Tower, which has also been closed. If you are traveling around France during this time, stay away from political protests or demonstrations, avoid large crowds that may turn violent unexpectedly, and be prepared for disruptions to your schedule.


December 3 2019

Typhoon Kammuri 

Typhoon Kammuri (locally known as Typhoon Tisoy) has made landfall in the Philippines and is expected to track across the Central Philippines and southern Luzon in the next 24 hours. Before midnight on Monday 2 November 2019, more than 200,000 people had been evacuated. Flights have been canceled, and travelers should expect delays and disruption to travel plans throughout the week


November 30, 2019

By-elections in Nepal 

On November 30, 2019 there were by-elections in Nepal. Elections were held peacefully, despite three small-scale blasts that were reported near voting stations. Nobody was hurt. During election periods in Nepal, civil unrest and political demonstrations may arise.


November 26 2019

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake has hit Albania

It brought down buildings and leaving people trapped under rubble. At least six people have died


November 25 2019

Storms to disrupt Thanksgiving travel in western and central U.S.Α. 

Millions of Americans will be dodging rain, snow, wind, and severe storms. 


November 22 2019 

French Riviera on weather alert
The Riviera is once again facing heavy rain and storms tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday). Meteo France have issued an Orange alert, which is the third highest level out of the four alert levels, for heavy rain, flooding and storms.

Protests in Colombia 
Protesters took to the streets of the Colombian capital, Bogotá, on November 21, 2019, frustrated by the slow rollout of the 2016 peace deal with the FARC rebels, and to protest against the current government. The protests were mostly peaceful until clashes broke out near Bogotá airport between protesters and riot police.


November 21 2019 

Measles outbreak in Samoa 
The government of Samoa has declared a state of emergency following 15 deaths linked to measles. There are restrictions on public gatherings, and schools have been closed. One adult and 14 children have died, and more than 1,000 cases have been reported. If you are traveling to Samoa soon, it is essential you make sure your vaccinations are up to date.


November 18 2019

Air Canada issues travel alerts for Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa

“Flights may be impacted by rain snow and subsequent Air Traffic control restrictions”


November 15 2019

Hong Kong Violent protests escalate affecting businesses and public transportation
Level 2 travel advisory warning


November 14 2019

Flooding in Venice 
Venice has recorded 6.1ft (1.87m) of water following days of heavy rain. These are the highest recorded water levels since 1966 when a whopping 6.3ft (1.94m) was recorded. The floods have caused millions of euros worth of damage, specifically to St Marks Basilica which has only been flooded six times in 900 years. If you are traveling to Venice soon, stay up to date with local news and be aware bad weather is forecast for the coming days.


November 12 2019

Civil unrest in Bolivia over political tensions 
Bolivia is experiencing civil unrest following a failed referendum, which has led to anti-government protests throughout the country. Political and social tension poses a serious risk to your personal safety if you are traveling in Bolivia. Be aware of large crowds congregating in urban areas, as these may turn violent unexpectedly. Stay away from protests or demonstrations.


November 11 2019

Catastrophic fire conditions in NSW, Australia 
Fires have destroyed 150 homes and killed three people in NSW during a catastrophic weekend of bushfires on Australia’s east coast. Strong winds and temperatures nearing 104ºF (40ºC) are forecast for Tuesday 12 November 2019 in the Greater Sydney and Greater Hunter region of NSW – this includes the Blue Mountains and Central Coast regions.


November 8 2019

Level 3 -Reconsider Travel to Bolivia
Recurring demonstrations, strikes, roadblocks and marches.


November 4 2019

Level 4 – Do Not Travel to Syria
Terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, armed conflict.


October 28 2019

Wildfires in California: a statewide emergency declared

Strong winds have spread wildfires in Northern and Southern California, destroying homes and land, and forcing 185,000 people to evacuate. There are blackouts in Northern California due to Pacific Gas & Electric Co shutting off power to two million people to avoid further fires being caused by fallen electric power lines. Strong winds are expected to last until Wednesday, so it’s important you listen to the advice of firefighters, and stay up to date with local news reports.


October 22 2019

Protests in Barcelona

Travelers should be aware of protests in Barcelona that have become violent. Protestors took to the streets after the sentencing of nine Catalan separatist leaders were prosecuted for sedition over the banned independence referendum in October 2017. The leaders have been handed lengthy 13 year prison sentences, which has outraged their supporters.


October 21 2019

Riots in Chile over income inequality

The Chilean government has declared a state of emergency in the country.  Violent riots broke out over the weekend in Santiago and other major cities, as protests against income inequality and a rise in transport fees got out of control.


October 10 2019

State of emergency over fuel subsidies in Ecuador  

Ecuador has declared a state of emergency following violent fuel price protests that broke out after the Ecuadorian president’s decision to end subsidies for fuel after 40 years. Diesel and petrol prices are expected to rise dramatically. It is important travelers are aware of this situation, and stay up to date to avoid any trouble. At this stage there are no official warnings in place, however there are significant transport delays and strikes.

Typhoon Hagibis  in Japan

Super typhoon Hagibis is expected to bring torrential rain and sustained winds of 120mph as it hits Japan, with gusts close to 149mph. If you are in Japan for the Rugby World Cup, talk to your accommodation staff or tour operator about their emergency plans and locations of typhoon shelters if you need to seek shelter.


September 28 2019

Protests in Hong Kong

Protests are planned for the weekend of 28 September and the 1 October National Day public holiday.  Stay away from crowds of demonstrators. Be aware of disruption to your travel plans or expect significant traffic delays if you are traveling around Hong Kong on these dates.


September 23 2019

Travel giant Thomas Cook has ceased trading

 An estimated 150,000 Britons abroad awaiting repatriation. Check your travel plans if booked through Thomas Cook.


September 21 2019

Tear gas fired in Egypt

 Tear gas has been fired to disperse protesters in Egypt, at some of the first demonstrations since President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi took power in 2014. Hundreds of Egyptians filled Tahrir Square in Cairo – a key site of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution – demanding his resignation. Demonstrations also reportedly took place elsewhere around the country. There have been some arrests, but other people remain on the streets. 

Bus bombing kills 12 people near Iraqi city of Kerbala

A bus bombing killed at least 12 people and wounded several others on Friday near Iraq’s holy city of Kerbala, south of Baghdad, a statement from Iraqi security services said. Such attacks in the mostly Shi’ite Muslim south of Iraq have been rare in recent years, especially after the territorial defeat of Islamic State in Iraq in 2017 and the routing of its al Qaeda predecessors in the mid-2000s.


September 9 2019

Bushfires in Queensland Australia

Peregian Beach and Marcus Beach residents have been told to evacuate in a northerly direction towards Noosa.

Typhoon Faxai

Typhoon Faxai is bearing down on Japan, bringing strong winds and heavy rain, causing flooding and havoc to transport systems in Tokyo. If you are in Japan, stay up to date with local news reports and monitor the situation.


September 1st 2019

Hurricane Dorian a Category 5 storm

Hurricane Dorian strengthened into a powerful Category 5 storm as it bore down on the Bahamas Sunday morning with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph. More than 20 million Americans could feel the storm’s impact within a few days. 


 August 24 2019

Wildfires across  Indonesia

Close to 700 hotspots have been identified in fire-prone regions  in Sumatra  Kalimantan and the Riau Islands. 


August 23 2019

Wildfires continue to rage in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest

Two states in the Amazon have already declared state of emergency: Acre and Amazonas. 

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